Our Mission

Empower. Educate. Sustain.

THE TIME HAS COME TO RETHINK DEVELOPMENT, for the world does not just need change agents; it needs people ready to get their hands dirty. Our aim is to transform how we develop relationships to build communities and how we build relationships to develop communities. Our mission is to be ground breaking – literally.

Through empowering community engagement, we believe we can plant the foundation of a school to enable a system for education, vocation, and a sustainable means to break the cycle of poverty.

Inspired by the capacity of the collective, we know that wind can take down a tree, but it is no match for a forest. Rooted in our faith in Christ, we believe we can cultivate a better world. A world where souls, knowing and resonating their self-worth, will link arms, pursue their potentials relentlessly, and flourish.

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Rethinking Development


Linking arms to help others flourish.

Brittany Froistad


Ryan Duong

Donor Manager

Jackson Muwuliza

Director of Mt. Olives Schol

Zane Larson

Volunteer Coordinator

Sydney Froistad

Director of Marketing & Apparel


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