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Elevated Thinking: Child Sponsorships versus Teacher Sponsorship

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It is that time of year again. Elevate for Education is just around the corner and we need your help! Last year was such a success. In fact, we raised enough money to pay all of our teachers for the entire school year. This is a major help to Mountain of Olives as it frees up the revenue from school fees to be used towards other items such as food, new books, and various school supplies. Rays of Grace is hoping to raise $10,000 during our elevate campaign this year, help us get there!

Why does Rays of Grace raise funds for our teachers as opposed to our student tuition?

The answer comes back to Rays of Grace working alongside the community we serve. Families which send their children to our school need to be maintained as the role models.

A “White Savior” complex is introduced when a child sponsorship program is created for students by replacing the student’s parents with a white person with a checkbook. This can lead to breaking the bond between parents and the school at-large. Providing a sponsor disincentives parents to continue to have a buy-in to their child’s education and school.

At Mountain of Olives, our parents show up in droves for parent teacher conferences and report card day. Why? Because they care about the outcome of their children and they are proud of the school in which they invest their hard-earned shillings. Alongside this, our parents come together to create a caring community, there to help one another and provide the school with more than just the annual school fee, many times our parents provide food or a helping hand to our orphan student population.

On top of the disincentives, there is a potential problem of instability. A Ugandan boy of 10 is introduced to his sponsor parent and the boy is pleased to know he is being taken care of. He promises to keep his grades high, and the sponsor parent promises to check-in with him. Unfortunately, an earthquake in Nepal happens. Now the sponsor parent pulls their funding from Uganda to help a child in Nepal. The organization rushes to find a new sponsor because the boy’s family now relies on his education to be paid for and uses their money elsewhere. Hopefully the organization is able to support the boy with another sponsor parent, but what if they can’t? What if they do find another, but another natural disaster strikes another corner of the world? Sponsor parents coming and going separates the person to person support and leaves in place a money to person support system where the white person is seen as the money, no matter what the white person looks like.

The hypothetical organization just created instability in a family structure that was originally functional before the sponsorship came along.

So why is providing teachers any better? Rays of Grace believes ensuring a steady paycheck is the best incentive for teachers to continue to arrive each day to fulfill their duties with a smile on their face and the best attitude imaginable. Think about it, would you want to continue working hard and have stellar attendance if you weren’t guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the day? The relationship between student and parent is much different than teacher to school. Mountain of Olives is already required to provide for the teachers. By backfilling the administrative budget of Mountain of Olives, Rays of Grace creates stability for our teachers and creates opportunity for our Director Jackson to use more of his budget towards improving his school.

So come help Rays of Grace support our teachers! We couldn’t do it without you! Gather your friends and family and let’s go climb a mount to celebrate some elevated thinking and the highest education standards in Uganda!

The climb itself is scheduled for July 11th and you can sign up to hike with yours truly, or any of the other amazing teams! We even have teams scheduled in North Carolina and Arizona. There are various mountains to choose from with a variety of skill levels. Take a gander here and reserve your spot today!

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