Changing the Future

One Life at a Time

By rethinking development we aim to empower our current community and many generations to come. Our school in Kirugu has three main areas of need, join us in being ground breaking.


We’re thrilled to announce on September 18th, 2015, we opened the doors of our brand new school building thanks to a generous partnership with the Hoffman Family Foundation.


Full bellies are the first and most important way to help our students reach their full potential.

It costs $30.00 US to feed a child for one school term, or $90.00 for an entire school year. 100% of the amount donated goes directly to a nutritional meal plan for a student, allowing them to focus on their academics instead of worrying where their next meal will come from. One meal a day will change a life.


Our teachers do not receive a regular paycheck. Help us give back to them.

Did you know? For only $50 per month, you can completely cover a teachers salary. All $50 dollars goes directly to our teachers!


Your Support Keeps Us Going!

Your donations through our general fund help support all of our projects and cover our minimal operational costs. While our staff are all volunteers, we have various administrative costs including website maintenance and registration fees that prove vital to keeping us up and running.